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Free Public Speaker

If your club or organization needs a guest speaker, Retirement Solutions of America would be happy to provide a subject matter expert to speak about one or all four of these topics: Medicare, Long-Term Care, Legacy planning and our most popular program income planning in retirement. Our Senior Advocates are prepared to share value packed programs that will inform and entertain. Presentations are designed to run from 15 minutes to as long as an hour.

Fund Raising Opportunity

Learn how Retirement Solutions of America can help your club or group raise money for the causes that are important to you. Hosting a Four Cornerstones of Retirement seminar will provide your members with valuable information. Hosting a Four Cornerstones of Retirement seminar will give your inactive members a reason to reengage and participate by attending a special event. As a sponsor your organization will earn cash without cost or placing any obligation on your members.

We conduct 80 public seminars a year. Our largest expense in planning a public seminar is marketing. When you provide 20 people from your organization to attend a private presentation you eliminate this marketing cost for us and we in turn will give the $200 we would have spent on marketing to any charity you choose. Nothing is sold at our seminars. All that we ask is that your participants listen with an open mind and if they chose to learn more they will have the opportunity to set a confidential appointment. If they do not chose to set an appointment they will be politely thanked for attending and will not be called again. Our Senior Advocates complete 10 to 20 free retirement evaluations for seniors every week. We do not have time to pursue people who do not want our help.

Without the hassle of planning and executing another pancake breakfast, car wash or rummage sale your group will earn $200 for attending a free seminar that will both educate and entertain your members. To discus if Retirement Solutions of America and your club are a good fit give us a call or drop us an email. We have helped churches, veterans groups and civic clubs support the causes that are important to them.